Contagious Africa

Album: Magic (2011)

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Song: Nothing to lose

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3 piece male group from Namibia
A country in Southern Africa
Consist of
Producer/keyboardist Joseph Richter (Joe) Bassist/lyricist Desmond Prins, (Des)
Lyricist Salvador Mouers (Dorr)
The group was formed at the ginning 2011 and bring a fresh new blend of Africa music in a modern day format. The respect and admiration for women are clearly visible in the lyrics of their music. Contagious is of the believe that their music should touch the heart of every man/women to give and care more in their relationships The trio currently have a 12 tracks album ready to be released online.

The group are managed and financed by a local business man and close friend Ivan Marshall.
Mr. Marshall set up a small demo studio for the group in the beginning of 2011
The trio currently produces two albums (A) their own and a (B) album for new upcoming local artist.
All songs on the community album as they call it are composed/produced by the trio and thus far have come up with 10 tracks sung by different artist in different genre's